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Small Kine Living

Hawaii Micro Homes LLC design challenge
We will give the winner $200 if we pick your design..
Design the outside and inside of a micro home
Measurements are 20 feet in length 8 feet wide and not more than 13 feet 4 inches in height..

Getting closer ..
8 feet by 25 Feet
Turn key
Cheaper than building a Cottage or Ohana
You could rent it out for $800 a month..
ROI is 48 months
Better than buying a new car
Rent for $800 month
Air B and B for $80 a night
$80 x20 days=$1,600
$100 x 20 days = $2,000
Think about it
Why spend $65,000 for a cottage
Order 2 Tiny homes For the same price

Coming in 2016 to a lot near you.